The Juice

Juiced drinksJuicing separates the nutrient dense juice from the pulp of a fruit and/or vegetable. If an orange has 70mg of vitamin C, and it took 3 juiced oranges to make a cup of pure orange juice, the cup of juice would have 210mg of vitamin C. It is a source of condensed, concentrated nutrients.

It’s easier to drink a glass of pure orange juice and get 3 times the nutritional benefit, than to try to eat 3 oranges in a row. Now if you mix that orange juice with a few strawberries and some pineapple, now you have a great tasting,  juice that is loaded with concentrated nutrients. The nutrition of 5 strawberries, 3 oranges and perhaps 1/4 pineapple in one glass of juice! That would be entirely too much for most of us to sit down and eat, but it’s LOADED with  bromelain, quercetin, vitamin c, flavonoids,  phytonutrients, etc.  An anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, immune boosting, antioxidant  drink.
Juicer 1
Now, go juice a drink & Enjoy!


~Derrick Nowlin


*When juicing fruit, make sure to be mindful of excessive sugar intake.
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