The Day

Amusement park1We often spend our youth perfecting nonsense and dispersing our energies so chaotically that we find ourselves wishing in our old ages, for more days.


If we only knew our potential, perhaps we would spend less time wastefully, and in such pettiness, and spend more of it doing that which is valuable. If this were the case, there would be no time for boredom.
If a child is on a one day trip to an amusement park, there is no time for boredom and
anger as long as there are an abundance of Amusements, and a time limit. The child will
want to ride and see as much as possible, knowing that at the end of the day, what he has not ridden, he will not ride at all.  If by chance the child finds a particularly pleasing ride, he may choose to ride it repeatedly. If it is sufficiently satisfying, it is worth it.
At the end of the day,  the happy child is the one who did what he wished, whether that means eating all day, playing games, riding rides, or seeing shows.  This child is content to go home. He has no regrets about rides that he did not ride because he DID ride his favorites.  The unhappy child wasted time, wishes he had ridden this or that ride, was afraid to ride the exciting rides even though he wanted to, or he didn’t ” go for it”  and ride, see or do what he would have enjoyed most.  Instead, he spent too much time riding the mediocre rides, while marveling at the fun that others were having.
We must live like the happy child. The amusement park of life is outstretched before us. We have already paid for our tickets, we have stepped through the gate,  and the sun is rising on a new day.  You may lose at some of the games, some rides may even make you sick, and the food may not always be good. Many of the shows may not be great,  but there is a whole park laid out before you!  There’s plenty more to do, so go for it!!! Remember, you are only here for the day…..
~ Derrick Nowlin
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