The Day

Amusement park1We often spend our youth perfecting nonsense and dispersing our energies so chaotically that we find ourselves wishing in our old ages, for more days.


If we only knew our potential, perhaps we would spend less time wastefully, and in such pettiness, and spend more of it doing that which is valuable. If this were the case, there would be no time for boredom.


ChooseFor some people, getting up and trying is just an insurmountable obstacle, or at least it appears to be. Some of us just seem to lack will power, desire, drive, self confidence, faith or vision.

Truth is, in general, we don’t lack those things, we just refuse to use them or we channel them in such a way that they do not pull us toward any worthwhile personal goals.

For some, that is fine. Not all of us have a desire to do anything important or meaningful. That is a personal choice, and it is absolutely fine, but make no mistake, the potential is in us all.

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A Balanced Diet………. The MYTH!


I often hear people in and out of the medical industry who shun the use of nutritional supplements. They often say that there is no evidence of any real benefit. I have heard that taking supplements only creates “expensive urine”. The belief is that a balanced diet should provide all of the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

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Welcome To My New Blog



I’ve decided to give my website some new life by adding a blog.  I always have something to say and I have a ton of information to impart.  So please, stay tuned for some really fun thoughts, education, challenges & articles.

I look forward to providing support and encouragement to you on your path to great health, wellness and success!