ChooseFor some people, getting up and trying is just an insurmountable obstacle, or at least it appears to be. Some of us just seem to lack will power, desire, drive, self confidence, faith or vision.

Truth is, in general, we don’t lack those things, we just refuse to use them or we channel them in such a way that they do not pull us toward any worthwhile personal goals.

For some, that is fine. Not all of us have a desire to do anything important or meaningful. That is a personal choice, and it is absolutely fine, but make no mistake, the potential is in us all.

I am reminded of  my father whenever I think of will power. Having served in World War 2, and having grown up in a segregated America, when times really were rough, his outlook on life often seems a bit “hardcore” to the young and spoiled. My father was for many years a heavy smoker. And one day he decided to quit. So, he did. Period. It’s a short story, but it holds a powerful secret. I once asked him why he quit smoking, and he said simply because he didn’t want to smoke anymore. I hear smokers all the time who say how hard it is to stop, so I asked him how he did it and he said “I just stopped”. I told him that I knew soooo many people who wanted to stop but just did not have the will power. His take on that was a bit… different. He said that we all have will power, but we pick and choose how we want to use it. He never said that it was easy. Fighting in World War 2 was not easy either, but it was just something that had to be done.


We often miss out on wonderful opportunities in life merely because we choose not to do that which is difficult. Many of us are diabetic because we simply REFUSE to change our diets. Many of us get lung cancer because we simply REFUSE to quit smoking. On the flip side of that coin, many of  us never reach our dreams and goals because we simply REFUSE to take the necessary, sometimes uncomfortable actions to make it happen. Yet we will get up every morning year after year and go to a job that we hate. Isn’t THAT will power too? Of course it is. So,  What will you do with your will power? Will you make your dreams come true and live a life that you can be happy with, or will you spend it motivating yourself to do something that makes you miserable, but seems “safe”?
It really is YOUR choice………
~ Derrick Nowlin
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