A Balanced Diet………. The MYTH!


I often hear people in and out of the medical industry who shun the use of nutritional supplements. They often say that there is no evidence of any real benefit. I have heard that taking supplements only creates “expensive urine”. The belief is that a balanced diet should provide all of the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

In an ideal world, a balanced diet absolutely would provide more than enough   nutrients to keep us healthy and strong, but unfortunately, we do NOT live in an ideal world. Our  vegetables and fruits are deficient in mineral and phyto-nutrient content due to soil depletion, and limited fertilization. There are over 20 basic nutrient components to a rich, fertile soil composition. The fertilizers that are used most often today consist primarily of 4 of those compounds; just enough to make the plants grow properly, but not enough to keep them from being nutrient deficient. Add to that the use of pesticides, and the amount of processing and cooking that our foods are subjected to, and  it is no wonder that our foods are nutrient deficient, and therefore WE are nutrient deficient!

In addition to these issues, how many of us are even able to find the time to prepare a balanced meal plan? And even worse, how many people in our modern societies even know what a truly “balanced” diet even consists of?

Yes, it is true that life expectancies have increased, but so has the use of medications for the treatment of chronic, diet related disorders that could be virtually eliminated with proper exercise, nutrient intake and stress reduction. We have increased quantity of life, with often decreased quality of life.

The bottom line is, we live in a world of nutrient depleted foods, high stress lifestyles, environmental irritants and toxins, time constraints, pesticides, food processing and cooking. Nutritional supplements are merely a way to fill in the gaps.

Don’t let the opinions of a few skeptics keep you from making sensible choices about your health. Think of supplements as insurance, or as a precautionary measure. You may never have an accident, but you wear your seatbelt “just in case” an accident or sudden stop occurs, because it gives you added protection. Think of a good diet, sleep, exercise and supplements as your health seatbelt……… Do it………….. Just in case.

~Derrick Nowlin

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