3 More Sets!

When Jack Lalanne had surgery
To help repair an injured knee,
He called his wife Elaine and said,
“Please bring some dumbbells to my bed.”

And there, he curled, and raised and pressed
And then when questioned, he confessed…

That though he could not move about,
That would not stop his working out!

The life of this amazing man
Gives proof as well as any can
That if you train, and never cease
Your fitness level WILL increase.

Your age is not the only key
That starts you feeling “elderly”.
It’s how you live your life each day
That steals your youthful zest away!

Work out to make your body strong.
Drink lots of water all day long,
And throw away the cigarettes!
Replace the “puffs” with 3 more sets!

Do cardio to build your heart.
A daily stretch is also smart.
And get good sleep, don’t stay out late.
You need that to regenerate.

Plus, eating right is really key.
To be the best that you can be
Avoid the sweets and other junk.
If not…… Your fitness ship is sunk!

Go ride your bike, or rollerblade!
The human body wasn’t made
To just be still; it’s built to move!
And that’s what I am here to prove.

~ Derrick Nowlin

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